Posted in Fashion by Chris on November 10, 2009
My most recent trip to New York brought me to my NYC favorites: Chinatown and SoHo.  After a pit stop in Chinatown for some grub, we made our way up to  SoHo, where we passed up a spot called Shoe located on the corner of Mulberry and Prince. Upon entering, I came to the realization that I had entered a shrine of handcrafted shoes.  Shoe exclusively carries CYDWOQ, a brand which, according to the salesperson, hand makes all their shoes in LA.  While I browsed through the shoes, I found this pair called the Tibet, which I eventually picked up. The Tibet’s upper is malleable. It can be manipulated to accommodate your foot’s mood- you can fold the tops down, or wear them straight up like a boot.  CYDWOK’s insoles are steel reinforced leather and outsoles are covered by rubber.  They’re rather comfortable to walk in and are reminiscent of Clark’s Desert Boot without the gum outsole. Check out CYDWOK’s website to find your local retailer.
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Greek Fidler

Posted in Fashion by Chris on September 26, 2009
The New Era Fifty-Nine Fifty baseball cap is no stranger in the world of headwear. The cap has graced the skull of 86% of all males in the US and 100% of all men with music videos that appear on MTV2. Although the 5950 is in its own class, there comes a point in time where wearing it will look, well… weird. The grown-ass-man cap is an alternative that many in their 20s under-utilize. In NYC, J.J. Hat Center specifically specializes in carrying various grown-ass-man hats. While I was in New York back in March, I stopped by and picked up the Greek Fidler Fisherman cap. At $30, it’s around the price point of a New Era Fifty-Nine Fifty- and well worth the investment. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and check them out. Otherwise, pay them a visit on their website, where you’re bound to find some surprising goodies.
Greek Fidler