Dunny & Travels

Posted in Travel by Chris on February 11, 2011
Looks like it’s time for my annual apology. Here goes… Apologies friends, fathers, mothers, lovers, cousins, children, or whomever it may be that reads my blog. I’m sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with the volume of posts but it appears one can get pretty busy doing, well.. nothing. I’ve made a half-hearted promise to keep with Berenman in the year of the Rabbit. Anyway, 2010 has gone but not without ushering in 2011. This new year I went to Taiwan to celebrate the approach of the upcoming year and to witness the 100 year celebration of the ROC (dissimilar to Jay-Z’s version). On new year’s night, Taiwan blew fireworks off the Taiwan 101- a pretty spectacular showing if you ask me. Anyway, some of you may or may not recall that I’ve been collecting Dunny’s commemorating my different travel destinations. Like the trips before it, this trip sent me on another adventure to seek out a Dunny to add to my collection. Pictured to the right, from left to right are Dunnys from: New York, Miami, Boston, Nashville, Taipei, and Taipei. “Why two?” you ask. Well I didn’t meet the credit card minimum when I tried to just buy one– Oops! The Santa Dunny is from the Christmas 2010 collection and the guy with DED on his belly is from the 2 Tone Collection. Thanks to Richard for directing me to Paradise Toy Land in the Da-an district (located  down the street from YoFroyo). Tune in next time friends, as I may be introducing another Dunny family member.

Oh, I almost forgot… Happy New Year!



Posted in Art by Chris on September 22, 2009
I recently began collecting Dunny figures to help remember the places I’d been while globe trotting. For those of you who haven’t seen these dolls before, they are collectible vinyl figurines that come in a wide range of designs and sizes. These toys are created by Kid Robot, who aside from specializing in limited edition art toys, have also created an apparel line to boot. There are several Dunny in a series, and each vary in artwork. You’ll find that each series has two mystery Dunnys and that each figure in a series comes individually packaged, making the hunt for these artsy collectibles oh-so merry. You can find the Kid Robot flagship store in SoHo, NYC or its sister stores located in LA, Miami, SF, and Dallas. If you’re looking specifically for the Dunny figurines, and aren’t near the aforementioned locations, you’re in luck- you can find yours at a local Urban Outfitters retailer or streetwear boutique. I got mine at Kid Robot – New York, Base in Miami, and Urban Outfitters in Boston.