Ashton Magnum

Posted in Lifestyle by Chris on October 7, 2009
The Ashton Magnum is another light cigar that I’ve found quite pleasing. Even when smoking it to it’s end, it’s not too harsh  and it’s been gifted with rather pleasurable flavors from beginning to end. If it wasn’t for me dropping it into the Solo cup I was ashing and spitting my beverage into, I think I would have enjoyed it more, but it wasn’t quite the same after it was infused with a solution of my spit and sparkling water… … … …sorry, that just made me shiver. Anyway, if you are a fan of the Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe, you’ll definitely enjoy these Ashtons.  The Magnum is a Robusto which will force you to kick back in your chair and relax- at least for a little while.
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Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe

Posted in Lifestyle by Chris on September 12, 2009
Smoking cigs is for the cro-magnons. It’s passe. It was so 30 minutes ago. It’s not cool, you dig? There’s too much of a show to it. You pack them, you make that stupid sound when you take the first drag, and the act of lighting them is a complete disaster. For you cigarette aficionados out there, check out some cigars (Black and Mild’s do not qualify). Personally, I enjoy Macanudo’s Hyde Park Cafe. Give them a try- there’s no show. Smoke them slow. Sip on some sparkling water. Chill.
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