Comme des Garçons PLAY Polo

Posted in Fashion by Chris on September 29, 2010
It took me about 5 minutes to locate the fancy letter ‘c’ in Microsoft’s character map but I finally got it. This post, my friend, can now be completed. Comme des Garçons (CdG) is a Japanese brand that’s fronting like it’s French. PLAY is an offshoot of the CdG label that’s targeted towards streetwear enthusiasts and urban hipsters alike (although they’re synonymous, so I’m not sure why I make the delineation to distinguish between the two. Oh well… Onwards!). Armed with PLAY’s trademark bug-eyed heart logo, the PLAY polo is an update from the status quo. Made slimmer, with a wider angled collar, and some variation of the golden ratio in the sleeve length, what you have is a polo that’s well to fit a strapping lad like yourself. What you also get in return for this attention to detail is something that doesn’t appear to be hijacked from your fat, balding uncle Don’s closet, which is just as important as anything else. You can get your PLAY polo at the Dover Street Market, Commonwealth, or at the CdG boutique in New York. If you can’t get your hands on one, I’ll be willing to sell you the heart logo off my shirt for $75 and some POMx.
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

POMx Lychee Green Tea

Posted in Food by Chris on September 29, 2010
Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for pricey bottled drinks. Grocers that sell this POMx Lychee Green Tea have my MO down pat. This 16oz bottle of juice is one of my favorites as it quenches my thirst and antioxidizes my ish. For those unfamiliar with pomegranate juice, it’s a bit tart and a bit dry- but hey, I never said it was a Kool-Aid. Besides, the Kool-Aid man’s got Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and Glaucoma. Lucky for him, POM’s around ease his fat boy’s ailments. I’m not guaranteeing any miracles, but drinking some lychee green tea can’t be the worst thing that you’ve done to yourself. Chug it or sip it. You’re a grown-ass man, you can decide for yourself.
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

Creep by Hiroshi Awai 3/4 Button Up

Posted in Fashion by Chris on August 31, 2010
Normally when something is referred to as a creepy your first instinct is to steer clear. Creep by Hiroshi Awai might not necessarily fall into that get-the-hell-away-from-me category as earlier mentioned. Behold, the 3/4 length baseball sleeve button up shirt. Classier than tees and short sleeve button-ups and slightly less formal than a casual dress shirt, ladies have had the privilege of being afforded these types of shirts for years; now Creep introduces them to the greater brociety. The shirt has a slender fit and is fully functional with two front pockets and buttons on the cuffs. And while you’re trying to make that out in the fantastic picture provided, note the other details: the rotated pockets and the buttoned collar. Clear to you now?  Didn’t think so, but these are all things to be expected of a fantastically different yet versatile shirt. The length of the shirt is short and for good reason kind sir- how ridiculous would you look with this tucked in? You can find this Creep shirt amongst others at Commonwealth or through other stockists found via the Creep website.
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

Zachary Prell

Posted in Fashion by Chris on August 10, 2010
Apparently Zachary Prell is a dude who makes shirts. Not any old shirt though, he makes an honest to goodness good fitting shirt. You wont find Ed Hardy puking on these shirts, nor will you find a shirt cut to fit a man with a “I’m in a World of Warcraft Guild” gut. These Zachary Prell button-ups are form fitting and sport clean fabric patterns. The shoulders and arms provide enough space for fluid motion while maintaining a streamlined design. The shirts are relatively light weight and run a bit short, as they are made to be worn casually. Not only does Zack make dress shirts, you can find short sleeve button-ups, short sleeve polos, and long sleeve polos on the Zachary Prell website. What can I say, he’s got an ongoing affair with collars.  My choice was the “Richard” (the shirt, not the dude).  You can find more styles either at the online store or at your local shopping mall Nordstrom.
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

Mosley Tribes Sandoval

Posted in Fashion by Chris on August 3, 2010
I’m not sure what stunner shades are but if I had to guess, my money is on  the Mosley Tribes Sandoval. I know, at first sight the only words that come to mind are Radical, Tubular, Awesome, and Cowabunga so I will try my very best to translate, Michaelangelo. The shades are moderately thin, yet sturdy, plastic frames that share subtle similarities with Wayfarers and Avaiators. The overall design is beautifully simple with no unnecessary lines or gadgets that often turn other sunglasses awry. Most closely compared to Oliver People’s KVA, the Sandoval sports a less dramatic frame, covering less facial area while still keeping you looking looking as cool as Sam Jackson. Accented with metallic Mosley Tribes logos along each of the slender ear arms, these Mosley Tribes, aesthetically, cannot be beaten. You can find them equipped with both polarized (VFX–pictured) and non-polarized (mineral glass) lenses and come in Oak, Black, Cornado (aka Tortoise), and Charcoal (pictured). You can get your pair at Revolve Clothing or Sunglass Hut. That’s where my boo got mine.
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

Opening Ceremony x Timberland Water Shoe

Posted in Fashion by Chris on July 30, 2010
These Water Shoes, released in mid-July, are the brainchild of the retailer Opening Ceremony and Timberland (not to be mistaken for hip-hop artist Timbaland).  These snazzy shoes are made with a high-quality suede and Nike Aqua Sock-esque mesh upper allowing just enough rigidity while promoting lots of breathing room from within. The insoles, which are standard Timberland issue, make these mugs comfortable enough to walk just about anywhere. The Water Shoes well serve those who are seeking a casual summer shoe without having to resort to the flip-flops, sneakers, or even played-out boat shoes. You can find the O.C. x Timberland collabo available in Teal, Orange, or White; all of which play well with jeans, khakis, shorts, socks, no socks, and even Mel Gibson. Best of all, you won’t have travel to LA, NYC, Paris or Tokyo or worry about accidentally passing out before giving anyone a BJ to snag a pair; they’re available online through the Opening Ceremony website. Careful though, these run a half size big, but that shouldn’t deter you; cop ’em while you can!


Posted in Pop Culture by Chris on July 9, 2010
With the entire universe transfixed on LeBron James last night, it’s hard to not fall in line with the droves upon droves of those who will be talking about “The Decision”.  Being a lifelong Chicago Bulls fan I, like many others, had some emotional investment in LBJ’s choice.  Admittedly, I was caught up in the hype of a Rose, Noah, James Johnson, Bosh, and James starting five. As soon as the announcement was made that Miami was his ultimate destination, my heart slowed and my thoughts cleared.  I’m glad LeBron isn’t a Chicago Bull.
Talent-wise, there is no equal. That said, LeBron is not “The Chosen One”.  He is not “King James”. He is none of those things. At his best, he is the “Mailman” with more agility, range, touch, and vision.

Is he a great basketball player? Yes.
Is he a champion? No.
His hype has been a machine that he’s spent a career trying to live up to rather than the other way around. In the process of revealing his intention to sign with the Heat, he’s implicitly conceded that he’s given up. He couldn’t hack it as Cleveland’s savior, and in Miami he won’t have to be that. He’s relegated himself to a 6’8″, 260 pound Alfred to Dwyane Wade’s Batman and Chris Bosh’s Robin.
And to keep this post relevant, Kobe’s Nike line > Lebron’s Nike line. Kobe keeps his line sleek, functional, and fashion forward. Lebron’s leans towards bulk and clunkiness. Don’t believe me? Try on a pair of Kobe V’s and compare them to the Lebron’s. That’s right. We are all witnesses.

The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

Nooka Zub ZenV

Posted in Fashion by Chris on July 2, 2010
So ugly it’s sexy. True for Nooka’s Zub ZenV and its counterparts. Not the case for this guy. Nooka’s made a name for themselves by designing watches that veer off the beaten path of traditional timekeeping. The concept is fairly simple: a modern watch with a retro feel.  Clean and simple.  What you have instead of hands, dials, or explicit digits are various LCD displays that represent the hours, minutes, seconds, AM/PM, and alarm indicators. The Zub ZenV has three segmented bars, 2 of which are divided 6 ways and the other divvyed into 60 segments.  If you’re doing the math correctly, you’ve got 12 hours and 60 minutes worth of time in LCD bars. A numerical counter tracks the seconds and simple dots are used to indicate AM, PM, and the alarm. All Nooka watches are equipped with an adjustable fold-over clasp (vice a buckle clasp), a blue backlight for ease in reading, and a wristful of heat. Much like the token DUF, it’s much better to have one than be without.  Nooka watches are available at Nordstrom, Kid Robot, KarmaLoop, various art institutions, or their online store.  Get ’em while they’re hot; I got mine at Up Against The Wall in DC.

P.S. Twilight sucks.

The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

How to Make it in America

Posted in Television by Chris on June 7, 2010
How to Make it in America. Where do I begin? I’ve been pondering how to approach this post for the last two months; trying to assure what I wrote would do it justice. After months of deliberation, here goes nothing. The network: HBO. The premise: two 20-something Brooklynites chasing the American dream; hustling, trying to make it in the world of street wear. The cast: Kid Cudi, Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Shannyn Sossaman, Lake Bell, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Luis Guzman. The result: absolute gold. For those of you who are more mathematically inclined… the equation for HTMIIA is as follows: Comedy + Luis Guzman + 200 Black 50/50s = My Unadulterated Attention. It seems Mark Wahlberg tailored another HBO TV show just for me.  Alas, I know that’s not true, but it’s highly entertaining and plays to each characteristic of my existence. To top off my unwaivering love, HTMIIA‘s intro music by Aloe Blacc is even good. Don’t believe the hype? Take a look-see. You can catch up on your episodes online. If you like what you find, you’ll be pleased to know that Ben Gong reports that HTMIIA‘s been renewed for another season.


Posted in Food by Chris on April 13, 2010
Not to be confused with the Korea (or Corea), Curry-Ya remedies what ails every man… an empty stomach. Offering New York’s finest Japanese curry in their quaint establishment located on 10th Street and 2nd Ave (two blocks from St. Marks and 3rd); Curry-Ya makes up for the modest space by providing a healthy helping delicious of food. The curries come regular, spicy, and extra-spicy but I found the extra-spicy offering produced just barely enough heat for my palette. The entrees range from $9 – $13, an excellent deal considering that extra rice is free (a rarity in today’s economy)  and your curry supply is more or less limit-less, unless your name rhymes with Takeru Kobayashi. Curry-Ya’s menu is tagged with recommendations for those of you that are weary of venturing outside of your normal food boundaries. The recommend dish, which also happens to be pictured: Berkshire Pork Cutlet.

What’s not pictured: me drooling on myself.