Posted in Pop Culture, Sports by Chris on February 24, 2012
I’m caught up in the Jeremy Lin hype machine (just to clarify: I was on the bandwagon after Harvard/UConn and even got the Golden State T-shirt jersey). But, as you and I both know, there are several detractors out there. Over the past weekend I had a friend (whom I will categorize as a white male who has an active interest in NBA baskeball) ask me, “Who’s this Jeremy Lin guy?” This was last week… a solid 2 weeks after he lit De-Ron Williams up. Might I also add that this dude has, by far, the biggest Asian fetish? For shame. Anyway, I went to the Wizards/Knicks game earlier this month to make sure I caught a start and cheered JLin7 on as he torched JaVale McGee’s 14 basketball IQ and John Wall’s busted jump shot. In the midst of losing my fucking mind, I poured my beer on a father taking his 6 year-old child to what looked like his first NBA game and had two lovely black ladies ask me and my friends if we had gone to college with him (which was her way of saying: are you Chinamen related? How do you know this Chinaman?). First, thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt that I could have gone to Harvard after spilling my beer on the Father/Son duo. Second, (some expletive here) you. I didn’t ask if your son was in the Howard marching band they performed at halftime. (Expletive). I like to retell the story as if her questioning was more racially charged than it was. Just two days ago a friend asked me how the game was and I told him, “These black ladies asked if I was his brother.” Another person asked and I responded, “These black ladies asked if I was his Uncle.” Fun with racism. Fun with Linsanity. Before I bid you adieu, here’s a picture of Jeremy Lin shitting on the competition.

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