Baohaus NYC

Posted in Food by Chris on February 24, 2012
What’s better than being reminded of your childhood as you eat? Nothing. While Baohaus might not give you average homeboys out there a reminiscence of your youth — it should at the very least — please your senses as you bob your head to music and fill your belly with Baos. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about — in reference to Baos — please shift your eyes further to the right. While Baos come in all shapes and sizes, these Baos are slightly sweet, taco-shaped, and are filled with your choice of protein (except that, sicko). My favorite is the Chairman Bao: braised all natural Berkshire pork belly served with crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus Relish, and Taiwanese red sugar. If you’re afraid of fatty meat, try the Birdhaus Bao which is all natural fried chicken that is brined overnight and served with spicy seasoning salt, cilantro, crushed peanuts, and Taiwanese red sugar. If you like neither, you’re simply un-American. I just had to eat a slice of cheesecake to get my tongue to stop watering. I hope you’re able to go to Baohaus to get yours to stop. Baohaus is located at 238 E 14th St (2nd Ave), just blocks away from the NYU auxiliary rec center. Jai Ho!



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