Toki Underground

Posted in Food by Chris on January 26, 2012
Well it’s been nearly 8 months since my last blog post. “What have you been up to?” might you ask. Well my friend, many of those days have been spent squatting at DC’s not-so-secret Toki Underground shoveling ramen noodles down my throat. Located in DC’s historical H Street corridor, Toki resides in an area where dudes donning salmon chinos and their J. Crew loving ladies avoid because they find tattoos and snapback caps a bit too treacherous. Toki Underground is nestled above The Pug and seats about 20, has an average wait of an hour, is dim, and loud but is absolutely ambrosial. Decorated with figurines, skateboards, and spray paint; it’s as if I’ve awoken from a wet dream only to find myself lying in front of one of those supersized checks made out to me for $15 Million. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself. Toki’s menu is fairly simple but with a bevy of daily food and drink specials it’s never old. My recommendation: Miso Hakata (comeswith Pork Loin, a half-boiled egg, and extra noodles. It’ll cost you $12 and it’s worth every penny — your 0.05% APY savings account surely wont miss it — so don’t be a cheap-ass.

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