What Happened to Rap?

Posted in Music by Chris on May 10, 2011
Those that know me understand that I have a penchant for getting angry at the most inappropriate times.  I blame it on trying to be “chill”– and unbeknownst to me it’s why things tend to fester. Make sense to you? Good, me neither. A-N-Y-WAY, a few days ago I felt another outburst coming on and I thought I was well prepared. I calmly walked to my car, flipped to my iPod, and drove off (VROOM!).  As I felt the rage begin to boil over I frenetically scrolled through my library with only the likes of Rebecca Black’s Friday, KiD CuDi’s Mr. Rager, and Skee-Lo’s I Wish turning up– inappropriate vehicles to channel my anger. Left perplexed, this predicament led me to ponder: what the hell happened to rap? I expected to release some of my frustrations by listening to some aggressive rap; something like Onyx’s Slam and I was left dissatisfied– I guess I’m also a jackass for not having my iPod prepared. While I’m far from displeased with current state of music, in my mind there is a void yet to be filled. All I ask for is for some pointless angry-ass rap music. Please, for my sake, make it sound something to the tune of of what’s below. Look at the song in all of its glory: angry at the beginning and happy at the end. A delectable mixture of frenzy and glee. Please, Jeebus, make it come true. If Rebecca Black can make Friday an international chart-topper then FUCK FUCK SHIT SHIT will undoubtedly be the song of the millennium.

F&#K, F@*K!
S!%T, S–T!
(Repeat 376x)

I expect royalties from the remixes.


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  1. De Huang said, on May 18, 2011 at 4:16 am

    maybe you should just post on facebook instead since nobody reads this here

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