Chromeo – Business Casual

Posted in Music by Chris on September 30, 2010
It I’m sick of the radio. How is Train still relevant? They’ve resurrected themselves 3 times in 3 different decades! By the time the Sun implodes, sucks all matter into it’s gravitational abyss, and pukes everything into a parallel dimension Hey Soul Sister, Meet Virginia, Tears of Jupiter, Stephen Hawking, and a slew of other Train singles that have yet to be produced will be all that remains. What if there’s a bizzaro version of Train in the bizzaroverse? They’re probably more famous than Mozart over there. And while I’m on the course, let’s extend the topic of personal distastes to my disdain of Ryan Seacrest. What in the holy EFF is Ryan Seacrest doing invading my car radio? I find myself road raging even at a sustained 90 mph because all I can imagine is his shit-eating grin filling the gaps and spaces between the laugh track and awful dialog. Successful? Yes. Funny? Hell no. Washington DC’s radio stations are killing me. Luckily I’ve got friends spread all over the place that either a.) aren’t subjected to this same aural abuse or b.) aren’t as dim as I to rely on radio for snazzy tunes. That’s how I found Montreal‘s finest: Chromeo. A while back Fancy Footwork, Chromeo’s 2nd album, was introduced to me by Detroit’s native son, Ben Gressgott. Since that magical winter, Chromeo released Business Casual their latest album that’s highlighted by #3 Night By Night, #4 Don’t Turn the Lights On, and #8 J’ai Claqué La Porte. If you’re nervous about the RIAA bashing down your door and punching out your adolescent sister for downloading illegally, you can sample their music at GrooveShark. You can thank me later. OK. Thank me now.  
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

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