Mosley Tribes Sandoval

Posted in Fashion by Chris on August 3, 2010
I’m not sure what stunner shades are but if I had to guess, my money is on  the Mosley Tribes Sandoval. I know, at first sight the only words that come to mind are Radical, Tubular, Awesome, and Cowabunga so I will try my very best to translate, Michaelangelo. The shades are moderately thin, yet sturdy, plastic frames that share subtle similarities with Wayfarers and Avaiators. The overall design is beautifully simple with no unnecessary lines or gadgets that often turn other sunglasses awry. Most closely compared to Oliver People’s KVA, the Sandoval sports a less dramatic frame, covering less facial area while still keeping you looking looking as cool as Sam Jackson. Accented with metallic Mosley Tribes logos along each of the slender ear arms, these Mosley Tribes, aesthetically, cannot be beaten. You can find them equipped with both polarized (VFX–pictured) and non-polarized (mineral glass) lenses and come in Oak, Black, Cornado (aka Tortoise), and Charcoal (pictured). You can get your pair at Revolve Clothing or Sunglass Hut. That’s where my boo got mine.
The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

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  1. kristen said, on August 4, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    you look great in them!

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