Opening Ceremony x Timberland Water Shoe

Posted in Fashion by Chris on July 30, 2010
These Water Shoes, released in mid-July, are the brainchild of the retailer Opening Ceremony and Timberland (not to be mistaken for hip-hop artist Timbaland).  These snazzy shoes are made with a high-quality suede and Nike Aqua Sock-esque mesh upper allowing just enough rigidity while promoting lots of breathing room from within. The insoles, which are standard Timberland issue, make these mugs comfortable enough to walk just about anywhere. The Water Shoes well serve those who are seeking a casual summer shoe without having to resort to the flip-flops, sneakers, or even played-out boat shoes. You can find the O.C. x Timberland collabo available in Teal, Orange, or White; all of which play well with jeans, khakis, shorts, socks, no socks, and even Mel Gibson. Best of all, you won’t have travel to LA, NYC, Paris or Tokyo or worry about accidentally passing out before giving anyone a BJ to snag a pair; they’re available online through the Opening Ceremony website. Careful though, these run a half size big, but that shouldn’t deter you; cop ’em while you can!


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