Nooka Zub ZenV

Posted in Fashion by Chris on July 2, 2010
So ugly it’s sexy. True for Nooka’s Zub ZenV and its counterparts. Not the case for this guy. Nooka’s made a name for themselves by designing watches that veer off the beaten path of traditional timekeeping. The concept is fairly simple: a modern watch with a retro feel.  Clean and simple.  What you have instead of hands, dials, or explicit digits are various LCD displays that represent the hours, minutes, seconds, AM/PM, and alarm indicators. The Zub ZenV has three segmented bars, 2 of which are divided 6 ways and the other divvyed into 60 segments.  If you’re doing the math correctly, you’ve got 12 hours and 60 minutes worth of time in LCD bars. A numerical counter tracks the seconds and simple dots are used to indicate AM, PM, and the alarm. All Nooka watches are equipped with an adjustable fold-over clasp (vice a buckle clasp), a blue backlight for ease in reading, and a wristful of heat. Much like the token DUF, it’s much better to have one than be without.  Nooka watches are available at Nordstrom, Kid Robot, KarmaLoop, various art institutions, or their online store.  Get ’em while they’re hot; I got mine at Up Against The Wall in DC.

P.S. Twilight sucks.

The Zub ZenV is one of the few that are two-toned albeit not the most radical.

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