Posted in Food by Chris on April 13, 2010
Not to be confused with the Korea (or Corea), Curry-Ya remedies what ails every man… an empty stomach. Offering New York’s finest Japanese curry in their quaint establishment located on 10th Street and 2nd Ave (two blocks from St. Marks and 3rd); Curry-Ya makes up for the modest space by providing a healthy helping delicious of food. The curries come regular, spicy, and extra-spicy but I found the extra-spicy offering produced just barely enough heat for my palette. The entrees range from $9 – $13, an excellent deal considering that extra rice is free (a rarity in today’s economy)  and your curry supply is more or less limit-less, unless your name rhymes with Takeru Kobayashi. Curry-Ya’s menu is tagged with recommendations for those of you that are weary of venturing outside of your normal food boundaries. The recommend dish, which also happens to be pictured: Berkshire Pork Cutlet.

What’s not pictured: me drooling on myself.


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