Cane Coke v. Throwback Pepsi

Posted in Food by Chris on February 6, 2010
I’m not exactly sure where the rash of natural food products came from, but I’m not opposed to the fad. Whole Foods, Cane Cola, and to a lesser degree McDonald’s have been pushing more natural products in their respective markets. Not to be left behind, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have released their very own iterations of “artificial-free” products. I came across these bad boys at CostCo and decided to give them a try. Both the Throwback Pepsi and Cane Coke tasted significantly different from their roided up brethren. The Throwback Pepsi tasted like a much crisper and less syrupy version of regular Pepsi whereas the Cane Coke was sweeter version of itself (but not to the point where it’s overbearing like RC Cola can be). Essentially, in the Cane Cola I was drinking Coke’s version of Pepsi; Throwback as Pepsi’s version of Coke (although I don’t think that was their intention). As for an objective decision on a clear winner: I give them a tie. As a Coke fan, I still prefer the taste of the Coke; plus the glass bottle doesn’t hurt.  Currently you can only get the Cane Coke in bulk at CostCo or individually at a local spanish grocers. As for the Pepsi, it is available at your local grocer.

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