Greek Fidler

Posted in Fashion by Chris on September 26, 2009
The New Era Fifty-Nine Fifty baseball cap is no stranger in the world of headwear. The cap has graced the skull of 86% of all males in the US and 100% of all men with music videos that appear on MTV2. Although the 5950 is in its own class, there comes a point in time where wearing it will look, well… weird. The grown-ass-man cap is an alternative that many in their 20s under-utilize. In NYC, J.J. Hat Center specifically specializes in carrying various grown-ass-man hats. While I was in New York back in March, I stopped by and picked up the Greek Fidler Fisherman cap. At $30, it’s around the price point of a New Era Fifty-Nine Fifty- and well worth the investment. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and check them out. Otherwise, pay them a visit on their website, where you’re bound to find some surprising goodies.
Greek Fidler
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