Jack Purcell

Posted in Fashion by Chris on September 13, 2009
For those of you that aren’t aware, the sneaker is back. Gone are the days of uncomfortable shoes like loafers, racers, oxfords, or even boat shoes (although they’ve made quite a comeback themselves). Take a look down on a night out on the town and you’ll likely find NikeSBs, BapeStas, Supras, and other colorful varieties of sneakers. When the sneaker craze made its way back on to the main stage, Converse pushed the Chuck Taylor All-Star; a canvas shoe that almost everyone is familiar with. For those who are not versed in the sneaker game, Coverse also launched the Jack Purcell line a few years back which plays off of the All-Star. The Jack Purcell’s simple styles and clean designs makes it an ultra-versatile shoe. I have these ones; you can find yours on the Converse website or local boutiques for certain styles that you wont find online. If you’re in Chicago, pay a visit to my friends at St. Alfred on Milwaukee Ave. If you’re in DC, check out For the Greater Good or Commonwealth, which are adjacent to one another on Florida Ave. Jack Purcell

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